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Shipping info and Transportation Costs

Shipments are made throughout Greece. Most of our products are shipped within two business days with a partner courier company. The cooperating courier companies are ELTA Courier and Courier Center.

Shipping costs are as follows:

Domestic Shipping

  1. a) Shipment in Athens

For shipments in Athens weighing up to 2 kg and for next day delivery, the shipping costs amount to 2,50 € + vat. For each extra kilo, the costs amounts to 1,00 € + vat. For shipments with COD method or money collection, the extra charge on the basic service price is € 1.20 + vat. For same day deliveries within 5 hours by motorbike, the shipping costs amount to 7,90 € + vat.

  1. b) Shipment in Province

For plain shipments in the province weighing up to 2 kg, the shipping costs amount to € 2.80 + vat. For each extra kilo, the charge amounts to 1,00 € + vat. . For shipments with COD method or money collection, the extra charge on the basic service price is € 1.20 + vat.

Shipping Abroad

For shipments abroad, the charge will be according to the official EU EXPORT pricelist of the Courier Center courier company, as regards the European Union and other countries of Europe, and in accordance with the official price list of Post Office, as regards rest of countries except Greece and Europe. The detailed billing list by country and area of both courier companies are indicated in www.greekscometrue.com.

Time Delivery and Receipt of Order

Orders made before 14.00 are usually shipped the same day, provided that for all products the availability status is: “Immediate Availability (in stock)”. You can view the availability status of each product in its page description.

Once the delivery of the parcel to the courier has been made, you will be notified by email (if you have already provided your email address) and SMS (if you have already provided a mobile phone number) with the shipping code. Then you can follow the progress of your parcel on the courier company’s website, which was shipped. More specifically, you can enter the tracking code and follow the shipping process on the following websites:

  • http://elta-courier.gr/search.asp for ELTA Courier (Door to Door)
  • http://www.courier.gr/e_orders/ for Courier Center

The delivery of the product it usually takes place the next business day of shipment.  In certain islands and distant areas, it may take an additional business day. On Saturday the pick-ups and deliveries are made from 09:00 am to 15:00 pm. No pick-ups and deliveries can be made on Sundays & Holidays. We are not responsible for delays due to strikes.

For international shipping please allow 3 to 10 working days for delivery.

The delivery time depends each time from the route of the courier and cannot be known when sending the order. If you prefer a specific time of delivery, you can write it in the comments of the order. From our side, we will carry the message to the partner courier company, which will take under consideration these comments, even though is not obliged to respect this, since this service is free of charge.

Note that the courier companies are freelance partners of www.greekscometrue.com. We make every effort to deliver your parcel as soon as possible. If you still have any problems with the courier company, please contact us at info@greekscometrue.com, to solve any issue that may arise.

Product returns – Right of Withdrawal

Return policy

Due to the nature of online shopping, the expectations of the final recipient by the product of choice are likely not to be covered, because of the lack of physical contact with the item for purchase.

www.greekscometrue.com, supporting e-commerce, it allows you, through the completeness of the descriptions of which display in its pages, to enjoy the privilege of direct contact with the product, that is available on your computer screen, in a quick and easy way.

Wanting to meet more customers, in order to highlight the benefits of using the Internet in everyday purchases, we offer the possibility of returning goods. Below we present the terms and conditions for repayment.

 Return Terms

  • The receipt of your order by the date of application for reimbursement must not exceed 14 calendar days.
  • The packaging must not be compromised and must be in its original (factory) state.
  • The product to be returned must be accompanied by the purchase receipt or invoice.

Attention! No changes will be made to products that are not suitable for return.

Return process

For your convenience, it is recommended to contact before any return to info@greekscometrue.com, so the details of the return can be arranged in the best possible way.  Return Process: Pack the product in a bigger envelope or a box, so it can be protected during shipment. We propose to use the package, which was shipped from us. Place inside the package a document that indicates how you want to resolve the financial abeyance, when the product appears likely to be returned. Then send the parcel through the courier agency from which you received your order, in care of the Returns Department. Once you receive your parcel, we will launch its replacement or credit the value.

In case that the cause of return / change of the product are due to www.greekscometrue.com’s mistake or to a defective product, then the return costs are borne by the www.greekscometrue.com, otherwise the  return costs are borne by customer. We would like to point out, that if the product does not meet the above requirements, or the product returns to us corrupted, will be returned to the sender on his own charge.

For further information we are always available by e-mail at info@greekscometrue.com.