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  • 40,00

    Save money and get both collectibles! Now you can buy the 2019 print calendar and making of movie in a very special price. Make them all yours before the offer’s sold out!

  • 25,00

    80 minutes of non-stop, uncensored action like you’ve never seen before!

    Watch 15 real Greek hunks push their own limits and pose completely naked in our most daring and unpredictable Making of movie, yet!

    Warning: Contains full nudity.

  • -20% Off

    And you know what is better than two? Three! Get all three Greeks Come True Calendars (2019+2018+2017) and give yourself or a friend the best gift ever!

  • -20% Off
    Discover 15 real hunks in a Greek mountain farm, captured completely naked for a second time in a row by Vangelis Kyris; a truly sensuous sight that won’t be getting out of your head anytime soon. Get your copy now before it’s gone!