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  • 40,00

    Save money and get both collectibles! Now you can buy the 2020 print calendar and making of movie in a very special price. Make them all yours before the offer’s sold out!

  • 25,00

    Over 85 minutes of uncensored action that will take you right back to one of our most entertaining Calendar shoots, ever! The pace is fast, the heat is strong and the men, well, no words can describe what you are about to witness this year!

    Warning: Contains full nudity.

  • -20% Off

    We welcome 2020 with a glorious sight; naked Greek men stripped of all artifice, realer than real, as re-imagined by Yiorgos Kaplanidis. Allow your imagination to travel to exciting, new territories and experience Greeks Come True on a whole different level! Get your own copy before it’s gone!